About Me

My Story:  Early in my life, I fell in love with computers and the power of software.  I remember typing in the source code from a magazine for Hunt The Wumpus, and I realized that I could change the game, and my course in life was set.  That passion for software development continued, and I turned it into a career helping a couple startups turn their dreams into reality.  And that brings me to today, where after many years doing my part to turn dreams into reality, I have decided that I want to help others to use software to realize their business vision, indeed their dreams.  To this end, I am starting with the blog http://www.dotnetcover.com, which is my attempt to pay homage to http://www.dotnetrocks.com, which I’ve followed for more than 10 years now.  I plan to select an episode per week that I will go deeper on in an effort to help folks use that information to create and enhance software to realize their dreams.

My Mission: Help others to use software to turn dreams into reality.