SOA Anti-Patterns and Solutions

I turned up this gem while looking for a list of common SOA anti-patterns:

I appreciate the focus on needing to solve the organizational challenge around SOA as well as the technical challenges.  I’ve recapped the anti-patterns and the proposed solutions that I took away from the article below:

  • From Application Silos to SOA Silos Anti-Pattern – Solution: Establish a center of excellence or an architectural review board that will ensure communication and interaction across teams.
  • Build It and They Will Come – Solution: Establish an architecture review board that will clearly define the architectural roles and communication responsibilities for the various layers of IT execution and relevant artifacts.
  • Over-Engineer Reference Architectures – Solution: Architectures should evolve along with business requirements. Adopt a just-enough, just-in-time architecture that reflects business requirements and available IT resources.
  • Undefined Baseline for Business ROI – Solution: Plan and budget projects with value-based milestones, and include the right contingencies – including asking for help from outside experts.
  • Web Service Sprawl – Solution: Be deliberate about the creation of enterprise services and govern the design of your service contracts.
  • Armchair Architecture from the Ivory Tower – Solution: Always provide usable reference architectures. Be clear about their capabilities and limitations and how they should be used.  Validate your architecture rigorously.
  • Scattered SOA Strategy Entangled with IT Strategy – Solution: Get and set expectations with absolute clarity when adding SOA to a project midstream.
  • Expecting a Free Ride on the SOA Train – Solution: Embrace a maturity framework, build a shareable enterprise foundation, and invest in enterprise-wide training and adoption.
  • Where’s the Money? Or SOA Equals EAI 2.0 – Solution: SOA is more than an ESB deployment and is not just a matter of using Web services for interfacing between systems.

Many thanks to Peter Heller for writing this article.

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