Recap from CodeMash 2015

First off, I would like to thank Steve Smith, @ardalis, for encouraging me to go to CodeMash 2015.  Without him, I would have just written off CodeMash as a crazy conference for the locals in Cleveland, where people go to freeze.  But now I know differently.

Here is a list of my takeaways from CodeMash 2015:

  • Man there are a lot of kind, fun, geeky, software engineering and technology enthusiasts in the world.  I am not alone!
  • On day one, I spent half of the day working on creating a mobile friendly Web API for the Humitarian Toolbox project (  @billwagner and @tonysurma where there to help me get started, and I appreciated the introduction.  I spent the second half of the day brushing up on my SOLID C# skills creating a little RTS shoot’em up game on Mars.  Many thanks to Nicolas Martin who helped me during this session when I had some questions.  At the end of the day, I got to play Artemis and kick some Rebel butt.  All in all, a fulfilling day.
  • On day two, I spent the entire day with @jenniferMarsman and @davidgiard learning how to create games for many different platforms using Construct.  I actually got so far as to create two levels of a game that I have high hopes for releasing to the Windows Phone app store among others.  Given that I have a day job, it will probably be a few months.  I can’t thank @jenniferMarsman enough for all the help and enthusiasm on this topic.  It is the most fun I have ever had at a conference (best session ever).  I got to round out the day by playing some Nuns on the Run (a board game) with some kindred spirits.
  • On day three, I went to session after session with @williamklos getting me fired up about queuing strategies, @garyshort making data science look easy, @careypayette giving an IoT talk that made me want to fly back home to tinker more with my Galileo, and @theSeanOC giving me some great insights on how achieves such great up time.  At the end of the day, I got to play a good long game of Caverna with the guys from DNSimple.  Does it get any better?

In summary, I would highly recommend the CodeMash conference. If my recap above sounds interesting to you at all, then I can guarantee you will have a great time, as I have a propensity for understatement. I know for myself that I’ll be back.

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Principal Software Architect at CT Lien Solutions
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