Getting Used to GitHub

Well, I’m taking a course on SaaS from and they want you to use GitHub as your source repository for the class exercises.  This has gotten me neck deep into using Git, and I’m now a fan.  For those of you who haven’t gotten into Git yet, I would pass along these few pieces of advice:

1) Use the command line client for Git.  It will definitely help you understand better what Git is and is not doing for you.

2) Go through the Git training hosted on this site:

3) If you have experience with TFS, don’t try to map your TFS experience onto Git, as it will trip you up.  Just embrace Git for its own unique approach to source control.

Finally, if you want to follow one of my projects that I’m hosting in Git, go to:  Just be warned that this project won’t see any action until I wrap up my classes that I’m taking on the side, which should be around July.

About Chris VanHoose

Principal Software Architect at CT Lien Solutions
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