Coding Dojo – Week 5

Our 5th coding dojo was a lonely affair, as the normal crew was either sick, at training, or in meetings with offshore teams.  I took the opportunity to go through Mark Seemann’s Outside-In Test-Driven Development training offered on PluralSight (

The concept that you must be able to pull source code from TFS and have the system build and run with no extra setup is one I will take to heart.  He showed how to use the Microsoft.aspnet.webapi.selfhost library to do in-process hosting of his web api allowing for unit testing without any external setup/teardown.  He pointed out that if you have problems figuring out where to start with your unit tests, start with an end state assertion and then work backwards.  Finally, I followed his example of creating a walking skeleton, which is an implantation of the thinnest possible slice of real functionality that we can automatically build, deploy, and test end-to-end.




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