Coding Dojo – Week 2

For our 2nd coding dojo, we worked through the JavaScript version of the Tennis Refactoring Kata 2.  For fun, we used the Icenium development environment and platform, and we were able to deploy the solution at the end of 1.5 hours to an iPad.

Our main takeaway was that the refactoring worked because it created code that was self documenting and much easier to ramp up on than what we started with.  Also, we found that it was valuable to keep refactoring threads of the person ahead of you going when it was your turn at the keyboard, refactoring in small increments set us up for better success than large scale refactoring, and it is best to run tests constantly.

As a side note, our reward for meeting so early was a beautiful sunrise behind Houston’s downtown skyline.

My thanks go out to Altaf, Raj, and Susheel for their contributions to making this dojo a success.

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Principal Software Architect at CT Lien Solutions
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