Code Review: How do I prep for a code review?

Code Review: How do I prep for a peer code review?
You should create a self-checklist with common mistakes that you have made in the past and use this to help remind you of things to look for in your own code. Try to keep your checklist below 20 items. Additionally, you should run whatever code analysis tools you have at your disposal.

“… we believe that requiring preparation will cause anyone to be more careful, rethink their logic, and write better code overall.”
– Jason Cohen

Your self-checklist is your own private checklist. This is not the same thing as keeping a general “top 10” list of things to look for across the organization.

In regards to code analysis tools, you should run the “Analyze Solution for Code Clones”, run the “Analyze Code Coverage” on your unit tests, clear all code analysis issues detected by Resharper (or run Code Analysis on your code using Visual Studio if Resharper is not installed), and make sure all build warnings have been cleared.


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