Code Review: Who should be involved in a peer code review?

Code Review: Who should be involved in a peer code review?
A peer code review involves another developer on the same team (peer), regardless of seniority. A junior developer can learn while reviewing a senior developer’s code and can still have good insights to add.

“Code reviews can have more-extensive benefits for a development team. When a junior developer has to review a senior developer, it’s a learning process for both developers. “ The junior developer can learn from reviewing code with a more experienced person,” says D’Souza. “At the same time, when you’re a senior developer and you have to explain your own work, the light bulb might go on that your solution isn’t as solid as you thought.”
– Martin D’Souza

When selecting a person to perform a code review on your code, you should submit your request to your project team. If you notice that the same person reviews your code each time, request a different reviewer, as you will want to get a mix of feedback over time to grow your skills and to get a fresh perspective.


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