ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

The ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board creates a Technology Radar report annually to help decision makers understand emerging technologies and trends that affect the market today.

You can review a copy of this report at:

Be sure to check out page 3 on the report if you don’t look at any other pages in the report.  It is a single page snapshot that sums everything up (techniques, tools, platforms, and languages).

Javascript as a first class language (strong adopt) and Logic in stored procedures (hold – process with caution) caught my eye, as have recently made decisions that are in line with these trends.  Of course there is a lot more information in the chart than just that, and you can use this chart as a launch pad to become aware of newer technologies or as a gut check as to whether or not a technology is the right one to be using.


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1 Response to ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

  1. susheelblog says:

    Indeed a good technology Radar from thoughtswork. PowerShell mentioned is something used within Microsoft a lot in test automation for cloud solutions (SQL Azure etc)

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